Thursday, 24 October 2013

Hurvin Anderson: New Works

The artwork of Hurvin Anderson was also a fairly recent discovery to me. I really liked and identified with his barbershop paintings, and the content of some of his other paintings displays a similar background to myself. It was a joy then to go to the Thomas Dane Gallery and finally get to see the paintings in the flesh so to speak in my gallery dash. 

There were two paintings in particular that stood out for me in his new work. The first being Loft 2013, (below). I was seduced by the intense blue which sucked me in, and the loose, gestural, mark-making at the top of the painting. Would love to own this piece. 

The next piece was American Tan-Mrs Keita, which transported me straight back to my youth, and reminds me of the photography of Neil Kenlock and other Afro-Caribbean photographers who documented black British life and the material trappings we were able to afford way back when, in the 1970's.

Much of the work on display shows a recent preoccupation with merging a representation of Nature, grids and stencilled patterns. It will be interesting to see which direction he takes his work in, in his next show.

Hurvin Anderson: New Works
15th October - 16th November 2013
Thomas Dane Gallery
11 Duke St
London SW1