Monday, 18 November 2013

Sarah Lucas: SITUATION

Went to the Whitechapel to see the Sarah Lucas: SITUATION show. It was like a Carry On film filled with lots of bawdy visual puns. I really like her take on the human form using stained mattresses, bed-frames, tables, chairs and sofas, as metaphors for the body, with melons, kippers, kebabs and cucumbers representing genitalia. It does get a bit repetitive however, as most artworks seem to have the same punch-line. 

It is an unapologetically 'in your face' show with walls full of collaged penises and the upstairs room contains lots of huge concrete and bronze phalluses,(penis envy?). 

The show could have been better presented as it is quite crude and haphazard visually, especially the downstairs room with all the exhibits crammed in together with little space, but I guess that is a part of Lucas's aesthetic. There is also a deliberate crudeness in both the subject matter and her choice of materials (toilets, crushed cars, breeze blocks and concrete), and I was reminded of Duchamps series of Ready Mades, his urinal known as Fountain in particular.

My favourites were the cigarette drawings, NUDS- stockings filled with fluff to represent bodies and breasts, and also the concrete casts of boots.

Whitechapel Gallery
until 15th December 2013