Saturday, 30 November 2013

Alexander McQueen: The Skull Scarf

It is the tenth anniversary of Alexander McQueen's iconic skull scarf, and to celebrate this milestone the McQueen fashion house have teamed up with, and commissioned Damien Hirst to create a new collection of the much feted scarf.

Both McQueen and Hirst shared a very similar aesthetic vision and iconography in their work in the Fashion, and Fine Art fields, creating attention-grabbing work, so a collaboration between the two talents was always going to result in something pretty special.

This new series of Hirst designed scarves are certainly that. They are visually stunning and utilise to good effect the butterfly/insect and skull motifs beloved of both artist and fashion designer. This small selection of some of the outcomes are very impressive.

There are apparently 30 new scarf designs, and Hirst has adapted some of the scarf designs from his recent Entomology series of works in which he arranges a variety of insects into geometric patterns. I can imagine these scarves are going to be highly sort after, framed, and hung on walls as pieces of artwork rather than be worn, as they are that beautiful.