Friday, 3 January 2014

Hundreds and Thousands

How apt that my first post of the New Year also happens to be the hundredth for this blog. I cannot believe that this is actually my 100th post, and that I have also achieved a significant number of views. I am feeling in a celebratory mood, and still in the spirit of the season of goodwill I have decided to have a little giveaway for you readers. 

There are 2 pieces of my work up for grabs. First is a copy of my limited edition Kaleidoscope screen-print, which is available only to my small and loyal band of blog members. Kaleidoscope is a 7 colour screen-print in a limited edition of 40. It is a thank you for showing so much interest in my work that they were prepared to join as members. To win the screen-print I shall simply put all members names into a hat and the first one drawn will win the print.

The second giveaway is a copy of one of my Butterfly Ball laser-cuts (below), which is available to everybody who happens to visit my blog to read my posts. Butterfly Ball is a blue card laser-cut in a limited edition of 100.

To win the laser-cut simply answer the following simple question. The Blue Morpho butterfly is one of my favourite species because of its beautiful iridescent colour, but what is the latin name of the the Blue Morpho butterfly? (Not to be confused with the Brazilian Morpho, Cramer's Blue Morpho or the Common Morpho!) 

Email the answer to me at:- and I will select the winner at random from all of the correct answers. The competition will close on January 31st and I will announce the lucky winners names in a later post. Good Luck and thanks once again for viewing my blog.