Saturday, 8 February 2014

Butterflies In The Rain

We are currently experiencing a lot of rain again, just like the deluge of two years ago that was 2012. Pity those poor people in the south west of England who have been flooded out! Apparently 2012 was the second wettest year on record and the constant wet conditions as well as depressing us, adversely affected the butterfly population. Thankfully the long hot summer of 2013 saw their numbers recover. Let's hope 2014 gets drier as it progresses. I wanted to make a piece of work to respond to these seemingly never-ending downpours so had a good rummage through my resources and found these two pieces of sheet music. I love the graphics on the first piece, the script font and stylised illustrations are so typical of its time (1930's). Not sure of what I'll do with them yet, but may stitch into the paper with silver thread to indicate rain and then introduce some colour in the form of butterflies to break up the black and white.

With this second piece below, I may create a chromatic piece, restricting the butterflies to a single colour, but in a variety of shades and tones of blue, similar to the Rhapsody in Blue piece displayed on my website. Keep  following the blog for an update and to see how the finished pieces are resolved.

Meanwhile I had a look on YouTube and actually managed to locate the song "Butterflies in the Rain", which is always a plus as I am not able to read music, so beautiful as the arrangement of the patterns of notes on the paper look, I have no idea of how a piece such as this would sound. Press play, sit back, have a listen, and think of drier, sunnier climes. Enjoy!