Sunday, 17 August 2014

James Ostrer: Wotsit All About


Love these striking images by photographer James Ostrer, which make a bold statement about our abusive relationship with sugary foodstuffs. He persuaded friends to pose, and also allowed them to let him be coated with all manner of sugary treats to produce these garish, almost psychedelic portraits. They actually resemble some of legendary clubber Leigh Bowery's outrageous make-up and outfits from the 1980s, and also African fetish tribal art.


Ostrer says - "My relationship with sugar is compulsive. Anything with bright coloured packaging. I went through a massive chocolate fingers phase. I went through a Mentos phase, those little bright bullets, you pop them in. But making this body of work means that now when I look at these objects they've become sculpting items. When I walk into a supermarket I don't see food. But I have two car loads of junk food in my studio, like it's my own corner shop, and that's a dangerous place to be".

Wotsit All About: James Ostrer
31st July - 11th September
Gazelli Art House
39 Dover Street