Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Las Meninas

It was a joy whilst in Madrid to finally see this masterpiece by Velasquez face to face at the Museo Del Prado, Las Meninas - (The Maids of Honour), and in particular the figure of the Infanta Margaret Theresa, which was the initial inspiration behind my Dress series. Seeking out portraits of the Infanta in increasingly sumptuous dresses became quite an obsession at one point as she became something of a muse. I then moved on to more contemporary dress silhouettes but never forgot the source of the inspiration, so it was nice to pay homage to the master.

I cannot imagine how awkward it would have been to wear and move around in those restricting corsets, and layer upon layer of petticoats. Though they do make for interesting silhouettes and shapes from a design point of view. Here are some more portraits of the Infanta Margaret Theresa and those amazing dresses.

Picasso's take on Velasquez's paintings of the Infanta in those dresses.