Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Alex Chinneck: Take My Lightning

Managed to catch this monumental work by artist Alex Chinneck who specialises in artistic architectural interventions, whilst on my travels. It is entitled Take My Lightning But Don't Steal My Thunder, and takes up a good portion of the piazza in Covent Garden. It another of his pieces that features illusion. This time he has created the illusion that one of the areas historical buildings has broken free of its foundations and is levitating in the air. It is pretty convincing from a distance. There were so many tourists and others milling around and looking on that it made it difficult to get a closer inspection. It is on display until October 24th.

Below is another piece that he created earlier this year called Under The Weather But Over The Moon, by Blackfriars bridge which I cycled past on occasions, in which he creates the illusion of having turned a building upside down.