Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Cabinet of Curios - Orso Major

I shall be exhibiting some new work at the following show. Contact myself ,or Gita, at Orso Major for more details, or please do turn up at the private view on Thursday 16th October- 6-8pm, the more the merrier, it will be a pleasure to meet you.

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Cabinet of Curios
Orso Major Gallery presents "Cabinet of Curios", a new series of intriguing art pieces that evoke the inevitable mysteriousness of the autumnal season. The show includes works by artists Julia McKenzie, Joe Silcott, Charlotte Proudlove, Gabriela Szulman, Shobhna Patel, and Pen & Gravy.
Connected through their interest in uncovering the natural and fantastical world through the use of a variety of mixed-media, these artists offer a contemporary take on Victorian and Edwardian practices and influences. 
Orso Major Gallery will intimately display a number of small and intriguing pieces that when arranged together, will imitate a cabinet of curiosities. The gallery will become a vessel for these artist' pieces, many new to Orso Major.
Shobhna Patel, paper scopes
Shobhna Patel
Charlotte Proudlove, Doll parts set in glass domes
New art at the gallery
Charlotte Proudlove's framed and encased fragmented porcelain dolls, found in the rubble of a German toy factory, are brought back to life through their eerie presentation and surrounding winged decoration. They offer a glimpse into a forgotten past.
Gabriela Szulman's mixed-media collages give new dimension to the figures she portrays inspired by the dark side of the mind.  Gabriela Szulman's new jewellery pieces are also now available in the gallery, including the new addition of earrings (from £24).
Shobhna Patel's uniquely interactive cut-paper stories, suspended in tubes, encourage the viewer to peer into a fantastical world. Her detailed paper cuts set in miniature jars show scenes from the poem Sea Fever by John Masefield.  Intricately planned scenes allow the viewer to become a part of these beautifully arranged works, and to understand the artists' interest and passion for popular tales.
Mixed Media
Julia McKenzie's mixed-media works, include a new piece at the gallery titled The Fontenaye, a laser cut screen print of a ship in a bottle.  The viewer examines her artwork as if looking into a world trapped in time.
Pen & Gravy reworks Victorian and Edwardian photographs by applying his free-flowing pen to give colour and a new dimension to the black and white or sepia-toned posed families, giving them a ghostly veil.
Joe Silcott offers a contemporary take on the Victorian fascination of capturing and preserving nature by continuing his ever-popular butterflies in circular formation. His use of symmetry evokes an etheral feel and appeals to the viewer's curiositiy, as the butterflies look as if they could come to life and fly away.
Pen & Gravy 
Fiscal Ball by Joe Silcott - butterfly forms cut from various currencies
Black shield with doll by Charlotte Proudlove
Join Us for the Private View - Thursday 16th October
Most works are under £500 and will be on display at the gallery from 8 October until the end of the month.
A private view for the show will take place on the evening of Thursday 16th October 2014 from 6pm to 8pm and it would be amazing if you could join us.
Tell us what you think
We've been at 19 Lower Marsh for a good few months now and we would love to hear what you think of the gallery on this survey.  If you could find five minutes ( or less ) to answer the questions here it would really help us to become even better and we'd love to have your feedback.
The survey can be found on this link
Thanks so much in advance!
If you have any questions about the art work shown please get in touch at gita@orsomajor.com.
The usual gallery opening times are Tuesday to Friday 11-6pm and Saturday 11-3pm.
I look forward to seeing you at the gallery soon.
Orso Major Gallery, 19 Lower Marsh, London, SE1 7RJ