Friday, 23 January 2015

A Visit to London Art Fair

I made the annual journey to Islington for the London Art Fair 2015 and I breezed through fairly quickly as there didn't seem to be much of a buzz there this year. I was impressed by the number of Keith Vaughn (above), works on show from the various dealers as I really like his figurative work and hadn't seen many of these exhibited previously. I do think that the Pallant House display at the beginning of the fair was really good. It was a very impressive display of work entitled - The Figure in Modern British Art and made me want to make the effort to pay them a visit down in Chichester to explore their collection further.

Apart from this pieces that caught my eye for one reason or another included:-

Clive Barker - Origami Boat. A simple idea. Lovely bronze sculpture.

Henry Moore - Family Group (silk scarf)
His drawings translate well to textiles.

Tessa Traeger - I liked the surrealistic clash of the modern hieroglyphs over a Tudor-style painting.

 Sandra Kantanen - Exquisite butterflies and moths. What's not to like?

Ben McLaughlin - Wonderful collages. Blocks of colour and texture on an intimate scale.

Jane Edden - Her work made me smile. Miniature blouses constructed from feathers. Must have been so fiddly to put together and required patience. The results are well worth it.

Mit Senoj - I saw a strange beauty in these pieces.

Beth Carter - Travelling Shoes. Nice and whimsical, ready to take you on a flight of fancy. Have long admired her bronze Minotaur sculptures and these are a nice development.

Did you go to London Art Fair? What caught your eye?

London Art Fair 2015
Business Design Centre 
until Sunday 25th January