Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Rabble: Gold Lines

I love working with the sewing machine - my trusty Bernina which has reliably seen me through a variety of personal and professional projects over many years. Such as these pieces for an art installation below.

Not to mention home-made fashion designs for clubbing as a student.

And more latterly home-wares in the form of cushions and duvet covers.

Inspired by a collection of embroideries I saw fairly recently, I have started stitching into paper again. 

I first did this with a series of Mandalas (above), a few years ago in which I used red thread to describe the geometric, circular forms of Eastern patterns. These pieces are meant to evoke a sense of calm and meditative, rhythmic qualities, with the butterflies flying in ordered circles. My new Rabble series are meant to evoke more of a sense of movement and describe erratic flight paths/patterns.

Using gold thread and the sewing machine as a drawing tool, I drew lines into paper to create this new series of works entitled "Rabble", which try to capture something of the migration paths and mania of butterfly swarm flight patterns. It is an offshoot of my larger "Flight Path" series where I liken butterfly migration such as those of the Monarch butterflies in their migration from northern America to central Mexico, to the flight paths of commercial airlines.


I really enjoy working with metallic gold thread and gold/silver leaf, and may extend the series to other single colours. I am very pleased with the resulting works thus far and the sense of movement and the erratic drawing the thread evokes. I love the fact that they are leaving trails and traces of their flight in the air.