Monday, 3 August 2015

Money Matters

I shall be working with lots of banknotes this week. I have accepted a commission to create a money based piece on a large scale. I am excited by this commission as I love the sheer variety of designs and colours that paper currency comes in and had waited for an opportunity like this for a while.

As you can see from these two examples, paper money possesses a beauty of its own, and when designed well, can be a perfect fusion of design and typography that produces a small scale work of art, albeit one we take for granted as we pass the notes from hand to hand in countless daily financial transactions.

I had fun going through my collection of old cheques which I also hope to incorporate into the finished design. Lovely colours and typography, and the wonderful penmanship from the fountain pens of the cheque writers of days gone by just adds to their beauty.

The commission seems like a mammoth task at the moment, but it is one I am relishing because of the beauty of the paper ephemera that I shall be working with. I will post images of the finished artwork once I have completed it.