Saturday, 17 October 2015

Lisa Wright-The Unversed

I caught this show last week before it closes on Saturday. I discovered Wright's work earlier this year, and love both her subject matter - steeped in the paintings of Watteau, Boucher, Fragonard and Longhi, and imagery of the 18th century. The paintings are peopled by adolescents in period dress, but have a modern sensibility. The girls are shy and demure, slightly unsure of both themselves, and their place in the world as you are/were at that point in your life. The boys in her paintings however are more cocksure, flaunting their nakedness and manly swagger with a cigarette. One even appears to be giving the viewer the finger with an air of nonchalant defiance. There is a lively sense of colour, contrasting dark areas with vibrant patches of almost acidic colours, and an obvious love of the tactile qualities of paint. There are some lovely touches of impasto with flat painterly brushwork. I think these are wonderful paintings.

Lisa Wright - The Unversed
8 Duke Street