Wednesday, 9 December 2015

More from Tate Modern

 Mimmo Rotella - With a Smile 1962

In the Witty, Sexy, Gimmicky: Pop 1957 - 67 room was this lovely torn paper collage work by Mimmo Rotella whose work is similar to that of Jaques Villeglé. Again as with Villeglé, I really like the use of found text and image within the work.

I also really liked these sculptures by Robert Indiana, constructed from bits of wood and industrial machinery which were then cast in bronze and painted with graphic imagery. They seem quite figurative and masculine.

Nicholas Hlobo - Macaleni Iintozomlambo 2010

Nicholas Hlobo - Ikhonkco 2010

One new discovery on this visit for me was the work of Nicholas Hlobo, a South African artist, who (like me), stitches into paper to create these lively organic looking, textured drawings.

Finally these are the work of Cy Twombly, large, bold and expressive, executed in a vibrant red. Inspired by Bacchus the Roman god of wine.