Sunday, 21 February 2016

Visions of Paradise

 Andrea Verrochio: The Virgin and Child with Two Angels, 1476-8
Angelic visions and heavenly inspiration at the National Gallery in this small, but soothing show of altarpieces.

 Sandro Botticelli: The Virgin Adoring The Christ Child, 1470-5

 Jacopo di  Cione: Detail of  San Pier Maggiore polyptych, 1370-1

Francesco Botticini: The Assumption of The Virgin - Palmieri Altarpiece,1475-6

Fra Angelico: Fiesole San Dominico Altarpiece, 1423-4

 Workshop of Andrea del Verrochio: Tobias and The Angel, c1470-4

Francesco Botticini: Tobias and The Angel, 1480-5

 Jacopo di Cione: San Pier Maggiore Altarpiece, 1370-1

Visions of Paradise: Botticini's Palmieri Altarpiece
until 28th March 
National Gallery
Trafalgar Square