Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The Big Butterfly Count 2016

It's time for the Big Butterfly Count again. The annual survey of the state of the British butterfly population. By measuring the butterfly population we can help conservation experts to understand the vital role butterflies play in the bigger picture of the effects of climate change. This year the Big Butterfly Count is sponsored by the John Lewis/Waitrose Group as well as Butterfly Conservation.

The Big Butterfly Count takes place between 15th July and 7th August this year. This is the period when butterfly activity is at its most prevalent and they are easiest to spot.

Taking part in the Big Butterfly Count 2016 is easy. All you are asked to do is to spend just 15 minutes in your garden, park or an area of nature, recording the number and different species of butterfly that you see in this time period.

Don't worry if you do not know how to identify the different species of butterfly as you can download a chart that will help you to identify the different varieties of butterfly usually seen in the UK, and also an official chart to record your findings on (here).

This year alone I have noticed much more of the Common Blue species flitting about, doing their thing in my garden than in previous years, so look forward to participating in the Big Butterfly Count and observing what other species turn up throughout the survey period. For further information about The Big Butterfly Count and to take part click here.

Go on, sign up and get counting!