Saturday, 12 November 2016

Georges Méliès: Le Papillon Fantastique (1909)

I made a post in September (here), about Segundo De Chomón, an early film pioneer who's magical work and imagination brought butterflies to life on film. Another early cinematic pioneer was Mr George Méliès (1861-1938), a French illusionist who produced much more innovative, fantastical visions on celluloid film. Méliès is known as the father of special effects, and perhaps his most famous film is A Trip To The Moon (1902). Above though is a butterfly themed gem from this undisputed master. These early films are really inspiring me at present. I love the magic that Méliès created in the last century prior to the advent of CGI, and although they seem hopelessly dated now, they are full of a naive charm, and all the more impressive for being done by hand without the use of computers. His imaginative vision and flair for storytelling were really ambitious for that period, and sadly something not much in evidence in a lot of today's film making.