Monday, 5 June 2017

Portals and Hosts

This we know so far. They will infect you with a virus that will lay you low for a few days. The virus will contain an agent. The agent will transform you into a living, walking tracking and listening device. When you leave your residence you will be approached by their “officers” who will turn on the tracking system within you by means of a hand-held device as you go about your business. You will be located and tracked in each building you enter, and pursued room by room. As you return to your residence you will be approached by another “officer” who will turn you - the tracking device - off.

As a result of the alien device implanted within you, you will notice discomfort and disturbing physical changes within your body. You will seek medical attention. They will target the medical community and connive with them to deny you access to proper medical care. The medical practitioners will dismiss your concerns, trying to convince you all is well. They will urge you to give a blood sample. Next, why they need the blood, and what they do with it…

Codename Brighton. 2003 - A Low/R Hall, p. 78