Monday, 9 October 2017

White Cube Bermondsey

 Cerith Wyn Evans: 9x9x9
Visited White Cube Bermondsey for an engaging trio of conceptual installations. The initial exhibit is one by Cerith Wyn Evans. Neon Forms (after Noh IV), 2017 is a much reduced version of his stunning installation -  Forms In Light (In Time) seen at Tate Britain earlier this year (here). These pieces are really wonderful, like 3-D drawings made of light, owning and occupying their space. It would be great to have a room filled with these hanging sculptures at a similar engagable height through which the viewer would be able to navigate a path.

Shrine, 2017, three highly reflective obsidian mirrors. 

Ann Veronica Janssens: Inside The White Cube
Of the three installations this was a surprise, as I had seen and really enjoyed Janssens atmospheric installation yellowbluepink, at the Wellcome Institute in 2015 (here), and wasn't expecting to like much else of Janssens brand of minimalism, but it was this  exhibition of the three on show that I actually enjoyed the most. Having worked with so much gold leaf this year I appreciated her gilding of mundane objects such as the brass circle, the aluminium sheeting, and the window blinds to create a completely new object. I like the way in which her work plays with reflecting and refracting light, and the visual effects of mirrors and glass. Untitled (white glitter), 2016, a slick of glitter on the gallery floor, beautifully caught the light and reflections of colours from other pieces in the room. It glowed and shimmered like the Northern Lights. Magical!

 Damián Ortega: Play Time

Ortega's installation was based on games of chance and systems of knowledge. It all appeared to be very technical and pseudo-scientific with wall-charts and diagrams which didn't actually appear to explain anything. I liked these balled forms cut in half entitled Encyclopeadic Geodes (2017), which are made from layers of paper from the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Cutting them in half reveals the dense layers of knowledge that they contain. They also reminded me of the rings of trees which have been sliced open in order to determine their age through the science of dendrochronology. The mysterious constructions of black machine parts also appealed to me.

Cerys Wyn Evans: 9x9x9
Ann Veronica Janssens: Inside The White Cube
Damián Ortega: Playtime
until 12th November
White Cube Bermondsey
144-152 Bermondsey Street