Saturday, 25 November 2017

Idris Khan: Absorbing Light

Upstairs from Martin Puryear's show at Parasol, is Idris Khan: Absorbing Light, at Victoria Miro. I really like the dense layers of overlapping type which have an impenetrable, dense, oily viscosity on his trademark monochromatic, typography infused canvases. Khan has recently made a foray into sculpture, which appears to be the focus of this show. There is a huge, black monolith at the end of the gallery which I must confess did little for me after witnessing the amazing craftsmanship and colour of Martin Puryear's show downstairs. Different aesthetics and different mindsets. The smaller slabs of bronze indented with text are reminiscent of old typesetters blocks, reminding me of the pre-computer era typesetting excersises at college. The resulting textures are very tactile, like braille. I don't think the sculptures are as successful or engaging as the canvases. The gestural mark-making in the small monoprints is really intriguing, and I would have liked to see further experiments with this with the addition of typography.

Idris Khan: Absorbing Light
until 20th December
Victoria Miro
16 Wharf Road