Monday, 23 April 2018

Yayoi Kusama: Small Pumpkin Paintings

"I was enchanted by their charming and winsome form. What appealed to me most was the pumpkin's generous unpretentiousness. That and its solid spiritual base". (Yayoi Kusama)

There were more spots before my eyes at this exhibition too. I am very much a fan of the humble pumpkin, and used to incorporate its fulsome form into my own work, so it was a pleasure to visit this small but impactful exhibition of Kusama's small but impactful signature dotty pumpkin works, on her linear, graphic, infinity net backgrounds which are also a signature motif of hers. I especially liked the way in which the Omer Tiroche team has created a specific gallery environment decorated in dots in homage to the works on display. This is the first time that this particular body of small pumpkin painting works have been exhibited together in the UK.

I really like the pumpkin textiles also on display in the shape of these cushions. The images are so graphic, and therefore successfully translate well to a variety of media.

More lovely cushion textiles and a little pumpkin-shaped one.

Below is a short video of Kusama reading her poetic homage to the humble gourd - 'On Pumpkins'  produced by the Victoria Miro Gallery for her 2014 show there - I visited her 2016 show there - here!

Yayoi Kusama: Small Pumpkin Paintings
until 1st June
Omer Tiroche Gallery
21 Conduit Street