Friday, 20 July 2018

The Big Butterfly Count 2018

It's time again for the Big Butterfly Count, the annual nationwide survey to determine the state of the environment and the health of the butterfly population in Great Britain. Already this summer I have noticed larger numbers and much more variety than previous years recording the Common Blue, Peacock, Red Admiral, Hairstreak and more common Cabbage Whites in my garden, which is encouraging news if this proves to be a nationwide trend. Taking part involves choosing a place, and recording the number and varieties of butterfly and moth spotted in a 15 minute period and then submitting your findings to the Big Butterfly Count. You have to register to take part and will recieve a free butterfly chart or app which will help you to identify the different species. The Big Butterfly Count takes place until 12th of August this year. For more information contact the Big Butterfly Count here.