Saturday, 1 September 2018

Henri Matisse Prints

Patitcha, 1947

"I will concentrate the meaning of the body by seeking its essential lines. The charm will be less obvious at first glance, but it must eventually emerge from the image... (it) will have a broader meaning, and one more fully human". Henri Matisse.

 Odalisque, La Culotte, 1925

Also on show in London, complementing Tate Modern's Picasso show, are these marvellous monochromes in which Matisse, (Picasso's biggest artistic rival), also explores the female form through line and tone in a variety of print mediums.

La Belle Tahitienne, 1938

La Sieste, 1938

Nu assis, vu de dos, 1913

Nu au miroir, marocain, 1929

 Patitcha masque, 1947

 Florentine, 1938

 Torse a laiguiere, 1927

Nu au fauteuil sur fond moucharabieh, 1925

Visage legerment penche vers la gauche, 1913

Grand masque, 1948

Henri Matisse Prints
until 15th September
Bernard Jacobson Gallery
28 Duke Street
St James's