Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Serpentine Pavilion 2018

The Serpentine Pavilion this year was designed by the youngest ever architect to undertake the annual project. Her name is Frida Escobedo and her architectural practice is based in Mexico City. The structure is created from British cement roof tiles, and features a mirrored ceiling, and an area with a cooling 5mm-deep pool of water. Escobedo describes the pavilion as a "timepiece", explaining - "my design is a meeting of material and historical inspirations inseperable from the city of London itself and an idea which has been central to our practice from the beginning: the expression of time in architecture through inventive use of everyday materials and simple forms. For the pavilion, we have added the materials of light and shadow, reflection and refraction, turning the building into a timepiece that charts the passage of the day." It is a very airy space because of the tiles which allow the breeze to flow, which has been has been perfect for the hot summer we have had so far this year, but it is very dark inside despite the reflective mirrored ceilings. The pavilion also has the feeling of a maze, or labyrinth because of the way the spaces are divivded up, and is nonetheless an elegant structure.

Frida Escobedo: Serpentine Pavilion
until 7th October
Kensington Gardens