Monday, 1 October 2018

Sculpture In The City 2018

Whilst attending the Pearly King and Queen's annual Harvest Festival event recently (here), in the heart of the City of London, I also made time in my schedule to follow the trail of the 8th edition of Sculpture In The City. This year, being the hundredth anniversary of women's suffrage, sees the inclusion of more contributions by female sculptors.

David Annesley - Untitled

David Annesley's mandala-like sculpture was a nice spiritual opener, located appropriately enough in the grounds of St Botolph's church.

 Richard Rome - Pepper Rock 

This piece - Pepper Rock,  has the portentuous feeling of an official/war monument about it - albeit a more surrealist version. It perhaps blends into its setting too well because of its leaden grey colouring.

 Gabriel Lester - The Adventurer

This piece was reminiscent of contemporary, mundane street architecture - a bus stop in particular with its moving screens and seating area.

 Tracey Emin - Your Lips Moved Across My Face

Tracey's signature neon text piece was more exciting, hinting at the possiblities of clandestine affairs, or racy office romances in its intimate city passage setting. 

 Clare Jarrett - Sari Garden

I liked the hidden setting of Sari Garden in a narrow alley, and the vibrant colours of the piece which enliven the intimate space. I would have liked to see more pattern in the fabrics perhaps, to animate and enhance the sense of movement of the piece.

 Juliana Cerqueira Leite - Climb

The textures of this column were wonderfully playful, organic and messy, in contrast to the straight lines and rigid geometric grids of the surrounding architecture. You can bet the sculptor had great fun creating Climb, with its wonderfully tactile traces.

Michail Pirgelis - UNIVRS

I thought this industrial looking piece seemed right at home installed in the very manufactured, man-made city setting, looking like an industrially engineered off-cut, rather than a sculpture in its own right.

 Karen Tang - Synapsid

A left-over from last year's Sculpture In The City - Synapsid still looks like an amorphous, radioactive alien invader, and still manages to pack a punch.

 Sarah Lucas - Perceval

Sarah Lucas's retro Perceval evoked memories of a 1970s childhood, and the kitsch ornaments that accompanied it.

 Amanda Lwin - A Worldwide Web of Somewheres

This piece was so insubstantial as to be almost invisible, and was in my opinion the weakest on the trail.

 Shaun C. Badham - I'm Staying

The sentiments of a committed Brexit remainer? I remained long enough to capture it for posterity then made my exit.

 Sean Scully - Stack Blues

More Scully stacks in central London, albeit with a touch of colour this time. The other more monochromatic stacks can be seen here until the end of this week's Frieze art fair.

Thomas J Price - Numen (Shifting Votive One and Two)

These were seen at last year's Frieze Sculpture park, and more of Price's sculptures were seen at this wonderful exhibition curated by Yinka Shonibare (here) earlier this year.

Jyll Bradley - Opening The Air

I loved how luridly luminous these discs were. They absolutely gleamed in the sunshine like radioactive waterlilies. The architectural details etched onto the surfaces were a nice nod to the oppressive surrounding architecture of the City environment.

Jean-Luc Moulène - Body

Another mysterious pod. The sleek shape, glossy surface, and colours were very seductive, much like the car designs that inspired its creation.

Thomas J Price - Numen (Shifting Votive Three)

Nancy Rubins - Crocodylius Philodendrus

Rubins is now a firm favourite of mine having discovered this and her other stunning sculptures earlier this year at Gagosian (here). I loved this metal menagerie let loose in the city. It is best experienced in a white cube however, as the distracting, busy city environment setting does dilute the power of its impact somewhat.

 Marina Abramović - Tree

A subtle intervention that brings birdsong and the spirit of nature into a man-made environment. A reminder of just how valuable trees and green spaces are in the City of London.

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