Sunday, 28 October 2018

Sean Scully: Uninsideout


“I was always looking at the horizon line…One day I was standing off Ireland, on the edge of Aran Is- land, looking out. Next stop, America. Standing on the Old World looking out at….the New World, as many people have done before…. I think of land, sea, sky… I try to paint this, this sense of the elemental coming together of land and sea, sky and land, of blocks coming together side by side and stacked in horizon lines endlessly beginning and ending – the way the blocks of the world hug each other and brush up against each other, their weight, their air, their colour, and the soft uncertain space between them” - Sean Scully

Another show by a major artist in the capital timed to coincide with the recent Frieze London fair, and it's Scully's first with BlainISouthern. These paintings executed on aluminium and copper were inspired by his love of music, poetry, and the meeting points of land, sea and air in nature.

I liked this individual piece, from the quartet that makes up What Makes Us, 2017, as it moves away from the repetitive Jenga-like stacks and stripes.  

I've been encountering Scully's stack sculptures across London at the Frieze sculpture park (here), and in the Sculpture in the City trail (here). 30 Too, 2018 above, was my latest encounter with the stacks and the most colourful of the series to date.

The lower gallery at BlainISouthern contains smaller works and sketchbooks filled with ideas, notes and preliminary sketches. I must say that I found these more interesting than the larger works upstairs.

Sean Scully: Uninsideout
until 17th November
4 Hanover Square