Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Cambridge Summer Show

I have been invited to take part in the Summer Show at Cambridge Contemporary Art. I went up there last week and dropped off four framed pieces and a couple of my new Kaleidoscope screen-prints. The exhibition opens on Saturday and runs from 23 Jun 2012 - 26 Aug 2012. Cambridge is a beautiful historic city and a good day out.

Cambridge Contemporary Art
6 Trinity St

01223 324 222

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Money, Money, Money

I have been a collector of various bank notes since my student days when I studied graphic design. I love the graphic imagery they contain and how each design is a unique representation of national heroes, animals, industry or iconic buildings of their particular country. In my view they are actual miniature pieces of art, (having been designed and engraved by skilled artists, craftsmen and designers), and in this respect I consider banknotes themselves to be large run, limited edition art prints. Bank notes pass so quickly through millions of hands every day as part of various commercial transactions, that the beauty and intricacies of their design is usually ignored.
As a teacher, one of the projects I set for students was to have them design their own bank note which included their own hand drawn portrait, and objects which represented their lives, for their own bank.   

Part of my recent output has involved exploring the connection between love and money, especially in this current economic climate, in which it is reported that redundancies are leading to the breakdown of marriages. It seems that when the money runs out, so too apparently does the love! I have been exploring this issue in collages using bank notes, which take their inspiration from song titles. This in turn has led to the production of a new print.

Can't Buy Me Love, is an archival inkjet print on Somerset paper in a signed limited edition of 100. This print is based on one of my original collages. There is, in addition a further edition of 50 prints where several of the cut butterfly banknotes are enhanced with diamond dust. The edition is available directly from myself or the galleries that represent me, as well as Jealous Gallery and print studio. Many thanks once again to the fantastic team at Jealous.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Heartbeat: New Lasercut

"Heartbeat" is the title of a new laser-cut design that I have just taken delivery of. It is available in either red or black card, and each colour-way is a signed limited edition of 100. They are available mounted in an ash frame to show off the beautiful shadows that they create, or in an envelope for you to hang by a thread in a window, or display as you please. They are available to order direct from myself via the website contact page or through the usual gallery outlets.