Thursday, 30 June 2016

Jeff Koons: Now

To Damien Hirst's Newport Street Gallery to see Jeff Koons' kitschy, Pop pieces which included...

Duchampian ready-mades, embracing aspirational consumerism.

And this impressive, gigantic Balloon Monkey (Blue) 2006-2013, whose reflective, shiny surface was so seductive.

As well as these playful inflatables.

Touching the sculptures was quite rightly forbidden, but one couldn't help but wonder what the surface textures felt like of pieces such as the inflatables above, and this huge, lump of Play-doh below, as they were so convincingly life-like and tactile.

Jeff Koons: Now
until 16th October 2016
Newport Street Gallery

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Cambridge Contemporary Art Summer Show

I'm so delighted to once again have been invited to take part in Cambridge Contemporary Art's Summer Show which opens this weekend. There's lots of lovely, new, golden gorgeousness fresh from the Scissorhands studio for Cambridge this summer. Known in London but making its debut in Cambridge this summer is a large, gold-leafed Periphery (above).

This wonderful, flirty, gilded Little Gold Dress, is hot off the catwalk and the perfect thing to keep you cool at those summer cocktail parties. It is also a brand new piece which is making its debut in Cambridge at the summer show.

As does another brand new gold-leafed piece entitled Conclave, which reflects and radiates light beautifully, and, like Periphery is just under one metre square in a box frame. It's like a huge golden alium flower.

And last but by no means least yet another new colourful piece - Butterfly Waltz, which is based around the most beautifully illustrated piece of vintage sheet music. The colours of the butterflies have been carefully matched and selected to reflect those in the sheet music. To reserve any of these pieces before the show opens then please contact the lovely team at CCA. They also have a couple of other pieces of mine in stock so do ask to see those also if you visit Cambridge over the summer. 

The Summer Show
25th June-29th August
Cambridge Contemporary Art
6 Trinity Street
01223 324222