Saturday, 28 January 2017

Chinese New Year 2017

2017 - Year of the Rooster

Chinese New Year starts today.
An illustration of mine from way back when.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Carmen Almon: Butterflies Through Other Eyes #25

These incredibly life-like plants and flowers by Carmen Almon are created from sheets of copper and then finished off with washes of oil paint. The finishing touches are the butterflies and other insects that Almon adds to complete the illusion of reality. Amazing.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Claude & François-Xavier Lalanne

Lovely to come face to face with these magical animal-inspired sculpture/furniture pieces by duo Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne at Ben Brown Fine Arts in Mayfair. 

I had only known the Lalanne's work through design magazines previously, although I did encounter one of Claude's bizarre sculptures - Choupette Géante - a giant cabbage with chicken legs (above), at the recent Frieze Art Fair Sculpture Park.

Claude's work has a magical, fairytale quality about it, mixed with elements of the surreal. It is great that she is still creating art at the age of 91.

Some of the works seem to hark back to the Art Nouveau and Deco period, especially the furniture with its sinuous whiplash lines, and use of elements of nature such as the variety of foliage. The gingko leaf table below, is wonderful.

What I dislike about Claude's work however, are the pieces like the two above which use representations of crocodiles and their skins. These furniture pieces seem to hark back to colonial times when animals such as these were hunted and killed as sporting trophies, or used to create grotesque pieces for the home such as those awful turn of the last century elephant feet umbrella stands. They seem really crude in comparison to the sophistication of her other furniture pieces.

François' s works (mainly animals), are so beautifully playful, and usually larger in scale than Claude's. They were influenced by Egyptian sculpture. The animals are so marvellously sculpted and I like the functional aspect, as many have the dual function as pieces of furniture and storage. The baboon woodburning stove is just so cool, as is the antelope desk below. François passed to spirit in 2008.

These lovely sheep stools are what the couple initially became known for. I like the way in which the Ben Brown Fine Arts has zoned the sculptures in the exhibition, presenting them in their own little 'environments'. The flock of sheep are in a rocky landscape, whereas the monkey tables are in a jungle, and the large rabbit is in an alpine setting. So glad I got to see these pieces first-hand. Would love to be able to afford one of their larger pieces one day.

Claude & François - Xavier Lalanne
until 26th January 
Ben Brown Fine Arts
12 Brook's Mews

Saturday, 21 January 2017

London Art Fair 2017

My annual visit to the London Art Fair, and as per usual, a selection of pieces I really liked, or thought were really mad, (yes you, disturbingly life-like babies squeezed into oil cans!). I was really attracted to twisty, sinuous sculptures this year. Apologies to the less familiar artists concerned for not putting a name to all of the following featured works, but there was so much to look at.

So wonderful to see some of John Minton's work (above). A hero from my days at art school.

London Art Fair
until 22nd January
Business Design Centre