Tuesday, 15 November 2011

E. McKnight Kauffer: Poster King

Visited the Estorick Collection, Islington recently to see the E. McKnight Kauffer exhibition. I really love the graphic design from this period (1920s and 30s), and especially Kauffers' work which was an influence on my own commercial work as an illustrator. 

The show runs until 18th December and contains many of his iconic posters for the Herald newspaper, Shell and London Underground and other near perfect combinations of typography and image. There are also interiors, paintings and theatre designs created by Kauffer. 

Not sure if I would describe him as the "Poster King" , as I think there are other designers    (Hohlwein, Capiello, Cassandre), who are more deserving of that accolade. He was a fantastic designer nonetheless and this is a good show. Reach!

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