Saturday, 7 September 2013

Big Blue Bird

I was in Trafalgar Square the other day and was able to see the latest in the series of the long line of Fourth Plinth commissions, Hahn/Cock 2013, by Katharina Fritsch. The piece is 4.72 m high, and is her fibre-glass rendition of a domestic farmyard cockerel. Fritsch is one of Germany's leading contemporary artists and I have seen, and admired, her out-sized, monochromatic, animal sculptures before at Tate Modern.

I really like this piece. It is beautifully modelled and the colour is stunning, adding some much needed colour to the greyness of Trafalgar Square. I also love the scale, absurdity, and contrasting subject matter of this sculpture in comparison to the other formal military statues on display in Trafalgar Square.