Thursday, 9 October 2014

Dragonfly Tattoos

I wanted to do a follow up post to the recent Butterfly Tattoo post I did in June, and inspired by the recent Time: Tattoo Art Today, exhibition at Somerset House, and a dragonfly piece that I have just finished, here are some more tattoos, this time dragonfly inspired. There are some really nice examples here, and some not quite as successful in my humble opinion. If you're going to make as bold a statement as a tattoo I think it really pays to get the best tattoo artist that you can. The piece above really works in terms of placement, scale and simplicity. The clean lines and monochromatic work of Chaim Machlev, (first two images below), is a real winner also. Great attention to detail and beautifully inked.




Orso Major has a show - Cabinet of Curiosities, opening next week which will feature one of my Dragonfly pieces. I have been made aware that one 'artist' not content with emulating my Butterfly Balls, has now also started making Dragonfly pieces only a year after I debuted mine. Coincidence? Accept no substitutes or pale imitations people!