Monday, 26 January 2015

Kettle's Yard

On a lovely, sunny, crisp winter day I paid another visit to Kettle's Yard, the former home and art collection of Jim and Helen Ede in Cambridge. This place has an almost mystical air, where every nook and cranny  is filled with treasure of the artistic or natural variety. Jim was a curator with the Tate Gallery and befriended many of the artists, and was therefore able to create this enviable collection of art and sculpture. Artists collected by the Ede's include Ben Nicholson, Alfred Wallis, Joan Miro, Constantin Brancusi, Henri Gaudier-Brzeska and some beautiful drawings by David Jones.

It must have been a wonderful refuge and home for the Ede's when they lived there. It is so tranquil and inspiring being surrounded by a wonderful art collection, some lovely pieces of furniture and glassware, plants and stones, as well as a substantial library.

I like the way the artwork and objects are curated and displayed in the house in a comfortable, seemingly haphazard manner. Viewers are able to interact with them with ease in a manner that is not too precious like some other galleries and museums.

This is a great place to be inspired if you are an artist/sculptor, architect or interior designer.

Kettle's Yard
Castle Street,