Friday, 7 August 2015

Vogue Butterfly Covers

Georges LePape, 1931

A selection of illustrated vintage Vogue magazine covers featuring butterflies. These are from a different time, and a different aesthetic. They are a beautiful testimony to the art and imagination of the illustrator.

Helen Dryden, 1916
Benito, 1924
(Helen Dryden?), 1913
Brissaud, 1924

Helen Dryden, 1914

Benito, 1928

Cecil Beaton, 1935

Alex Zeilinger, 1934

 Paris, 1947

Hayden Williams
The design above is an unpublished design from the 1990s. Below are further examples although photographic. The first is of famous 1960s model Jean "The Shrimp" Shrimpton, on the cover of Vogue Beauty, with nice colourful paper butterflies in her hair. The two at bottom although not covers, are good examples of the high calibre photographs (and photographers), used in Vogue magazine.


(?) 1947

Irving Penn 1946

Kevin Macintosh 2012