Monday, 18 July 2016

Lambeth Country Show 2016

To Brockwell Park at the weekend for the annual Lambeth Country Show that brings the countryside experience into the city. It is now in its 42nd year and a really popular festival of live music, arts and crafts, farm animals and a showcase of Lambeth council services.

It is an annual Scissorhands tradition to sample the Chucklehead cider, and visit the Health and Wellbeing tent for alternative therapies.

An absolute must on the Lambeth Country Show agenda for me also, is to make a beeline for the Flower Zone, part of which is a tent that displays traditional crafts associated with English country fairs such as a flower and vegetable competition, cake baking displays and my personal favourite - a vegetable carving competition which always raises a smile and has me in awe of the creative, sculptural skills of the entrants. The following were entrants in the floral displays section.

Absolutely magnificent I'm sure you'll agree, and worthy of the Chelsea Flower show. Next are a small selection of the vegetable displays waiting to be judged.

And a selection of appetising homemade cakes. 

My favourite section however is the vegetable carving. I love what the entrants do with a humble vegetable and a little imagination.

This year, unsurprisingly, given the Brexit results and recent Machiavellian machinations and parliamentary power struggles, the most popular theme was political portraits. And as you can see, the resulting vegetable sculptures were particularly innovative and splendid.

Former Ukip leader - Nigel Cab-bage.

Celery Corbyn.

High drama in 'House ofChard' as Boris is cruelly knifed in the back by Gove.

The three witches of Mac-Brexit.

Current Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, whose position seems increasingly vulnerable, was well represented, as were our American cousins in the form of leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (below).

I wasn't around for the judging so didn't know which carvings won, (please contact me if you read this blog and know!). I shall remain impartial and keep mum about which were my favourites. All entrants did fantastically well, and the carvings were of a high standard. More power to them for using this as a platform and outlet for their creative ambitions. I look forward to seeing what they come up with next year.