Saturday, 20 August 2016

Alex Katz: Quick Light

Whilst enjoying the Serpentine pavilion and summerhouses in Kensington Gardens earlier this summer, I also popped into the Serpentine gallery to view the work of Alex Katz. Katz's exhibitions in London are always a draw for me. I posted about his last show in London in March of last year here.

This latest exhibition concerns his attempts to capture the light in landscape at different times of day as well as the change of seasons. I do like the fact that some of the paintings are very minimal in their mark-making and verge on the abstract. They are like exercises in shape and colour when reduced to the basics. I think the portraits are more successful and descriptive, though the multiple figure paintings are the weakest in the show. Wonderful though, that he is still finds the inspiration to paint at 89 years of age.

Alex Katz: Quick Light
until 11th September
Serpentine Gallery
Kensington Gardens
London, W2