Thursday, 11 May 2017

Can't Buy Me Love II

I was delighted to have been commissioned to create a new print edition for a private patron earlier this year. The patron had brought copies of Can't Buy Me Love, my first limited edition archival inkjet print, and decided that they wanted a completely new edition all for themself. The resulting new print is entitled: - Can't Buy Me Love II, and was created from an original collage, and then printed and editioned like the first print at Jealous print studio in Shoreditch.

Can't Buy Me Love

Both plain and diamond dust versions of the first edition of Can't Buy Me Love (above), are now unavailable having long sold out. Can't Buy Me Love II will not be available in a diamond dust edition. 

The patron liked the collage for the second print, but was unhappy with the central butterfly made up of a vintage German mark banknote. 

The patron wanted something which was a little brighter, and more colourful like the other banknotes in the collage, below.

I went into my collection of banknotes and found a really nice Russian rouble note which was more colourful, and large enough to accomodate the Tailed Emperor butterfly shape I'd used. I cut two Tailed Emperor shapes for the patron to select from, and once one was chosen and approval given, this new butterfly was incorporated into the finished print.

Having made the necessary adjustments to the artwork, a further test print was made. I then paid a visit to Jealous to approve the colours etc. Approval given, Jealous proceeded with making the final print. I then made a final visit a couple of weeks later to sign the edition, and collect a few artists proofs for my archive.

The new prints were then despatched to the happy patron. I am not sure when and where they will be made available for purchase, but the edition size is 25, with a few artist's proofs also available.

Can't Buy Me Love II

Although the first version of Can't Buy Me Love has sold out, there are still copies of Kaleidoscope (below), my seven colour limited edition screenprint available. Contact me directly (here), or Jealous (here), for details.