Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Rowan Mersh: Praeteritum, Praesens et Futurum

"I am drawn to the humble seashell as a medium of expression both for my fascination with aspects of their historical, social, and contextual functions, and for the inherent beauty that can be found within the material itself." Rowan Mersh

I really enjoyed this exhibition of shapely seashell works of art by sculptor Rowan Mersh at Gallery Fumi in Mayfair. Some pieces are so densely packed, and full of movement, whilst others are so fragile and delicate, like large, exquisite pieces of lace. I like the organic materials and textures of the pieces, and am glad that they are responsibly sourced from sustainable suppliers. Nice as the 3D sculptural pieces are, my favourites are the wall mounted pieces. I could very happily live with one of these.

"Praeteritum, Praesens et Futurum - Latin for past, present and future" - says the sculptor - "is a moment of reflection on my practice to move towards the future. I feel it is important to reflect upon my previous works in order to move beyond the logical order of progression creatively. This collection of new works represents critical sculptural moments from both my past and present while anticipating unexplored territories."

Praeteritum, Praesens et Futurum by Rowan Mersh
until 1st July
Gallery Fumi
2 Hay Hill