Thursday, 1 March 2018

Venetian Details

What I love about my wanderings amongst whatever environment I'm in, as well as the obvious tourist attractions, are the quiet little details that often get overlooked or taken for granted. Venice was full of these little details, often set high on building facades above the natural eyeline, or tucked away in quiet corners, sometimes hiding in plain sight right next to grander attractions. Here are a some of the details that I noticed on my Venetian sojourn.

A selection of the Lion of St Mark.

I found the Venetian chimneys an interesting part of the vernacular. They flare at the top making them top heavy, and prone to topple I would have thought.

I cannot resist photographing a nice piece of wrought-ironwork and like Lisbon, Venice offered up some good designs. They serve a practical purpose as well as being attractive.

Another feature of the city are these wonderful bottle windows which appear in all of the palazzos, and the beauty of the delicate Murano glass chandeliers.

A poetic little piece of graffiti on a street corner.

Beautiful examples of fresco painting.

A selection of Madonnas ignored by the crowds.

A gothic door knocker in Piazza San Marco.

Lovers locks on the Accademia Bridge.

I thought these redundant public telephones seemed wonderfully retro.

One of the first things I noticed on arrival in the city were these great marble and brass entrance buzzers/letter boxes. I thought they were so smart and stylish and couldn't stop photographing new examples that I came across. I was intrigued by the names and lives of the residents who lived within inscribed on the brass plaques.

I began to see faces in them...

More faces - of the pizza dough variety - in a pizzeria window.