Monday, 9 April 2018

Nancy Rubins: Diversifolia

I am interested in the balance, the engineering and tenuousness of the objects, as well as the dynamic tension and energy... A continuum starts happening with one piece attached to another...the way that crystals or cells grow. I'm interested in the bigger picture. - Nancy Rubins 

Hog de la Ivy, 2017

These huge, precariously balanced and engineered sculptures of found animal forms cast in iron, bronze, brass and aluminium bound by cables were amazing. A surreal, metallic menagerie. A new cosmology of star sign constellations. A series of galaxies constrained within the Gagosian firmament.   

 Agrifolia Major, 2017

Agrifauna Delicata I, 2017

Crocodylius Philodendrus, 2017

Rubins's large graphite drawings made almost as much of an impact on me as the sculptures. Like large burnished pieces of leather, or crumpled metal, artfully suspended on the gallery walls. They are black holes accompanying the sculptural star sign constellations exhibited alongside them, with intense gravitational fields ready to suck you into their very carboniferous, crumpled cores. Superb.

 Drawing, 2000

Drawing, 2018

 Agrifolia Major, 2017

Nancy Rubins: Diversifolia
until 14th April
6-24 Britannia Street