Sunday, 21 July 2019

Francis Bacon: Couplings

"The moment a number of figures become involved, you immediately come on to the storytelling aspect of the relationships between figures. And that immediately sets up a kind of narrative. I always hope to be able to make a great number of figures without a narrative. - Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon - Two Figures on a Couch, 1967

Sex in all its graphic, physical, sweaty, violent, glory, as envisioned by the inimitable Francis Bacon. Another fantastic exhibition by Gagosian.

Francis Bacon - Two Studies from the Human Body, 1974-75

 Francis Bacon - Lying Figure, 1959

Francis Bacon - Two Figures with a Monkey, 1973

Francis Bacon - Two Men Working in a Field, 1971

 Francis Bacon - Painting, 1950

 Francis Bacon - Figures in a Landscape, 1954

Francis Bacon - Portrait of a Man Walking, c.1953

Francis Bacon - Marching Figures, c.1952

 Francis Bacon - Two Figures in the Grass, 1954

 Francis Bacon - Two Figures, 1953

 Francis Bacon - Figures in a Landscape, c.1956

 Francis Bacon - Sleeping Figure, 1959

 Francis Bacon - Three Studies of Figures on Beds, 1972

Francis Bacon: Couplings
until 3rd August
20 Grosvenor Hill