Sunday, 9 June 2013

Gert + Uwe Tobias

Just returned from a really inspiring visit to the Whitechapel Gallery. I wasn't familiar with the work of these twin brothers before, but absolutely love their out-sized woodcut prints and collages which mix hybrids of human/animal/plant and ceramic/furniture forms. Love the textures of the print, and the bright colours on dark backgrounds. Their collages are really interesting also, a mixture of abstract, textured backgrounds with Victorian ephemera collaged on top. Reminiscent of the work of both Peter Blake and Sara Fanelli. 

I also love their typewriter drawings, which is an idea I've seen used by other artists such as Carl Andre, Apollinaire and concrete poetry artists of the 1960s.

Not so successful in my opinion are their attempts at sculpture which are also on display, but nevertheless this was a really inspiring show. So glad I managed to catch it before it closes this week.

Gert + Uwe Tobias, Whitechapel Gallery, London E1