Wednesday, 19 June 2013

On Trend: Dragonfly Couture

It's Men's Fashion Week, and I seem to be bang on trend with one designer at least. Having earlier posted pictures of one of my new dragonfly pieces last month, I recently saw a picture of comic Graham Norton wearing a really nice black jacket embroidered with gold dragonflies. I did some detective work and managed to track it down. I found out that it is one of several pieces from Alexander McQueen's 2013 Spring/Summer collection also based on the lovely dragonfly.
I think Alexander McQueen was a fashion visionary, and I love what the McQueen team continue to produce, (see my previous post entitled Butterfly Couture here). This new collection is no exception, I really like their new dragonfly prints on bomber jackets, as well as the dragonfly embroideries on both the men's and women's formal wear. Glad to be on the same wavelength as this esteemed label albeit in a different medium.

I covet the embroidered jacket above, but at just under £5000,it is sadly way out of my league, as far as price is concerned. These prints below though, are equally gorgeous!

Nice attention to detail in the above print, and the cut of the jacket is sharp.

Glad to see rapper Meek Mill down with the dragonfly trend in another, brighter, colour variation of the more casual bomber jacket. I really like the way the designers have made something that could have been construed as essentially a feminine motif into an equally masculine print. Mind you there's also something for the ladies too in this blouse.

Embroidery detail is amazing as is the dress print detail below.

Want a pair of these men's loafers to go with the jacket!

As I said in an earlier post, dragonflies are my new obsession and I have been busy cutting and arranging more dragonflies also, to create a new piece entitled "Whisper", a snippet of which is seen below. It is an all-white piece that relies on light to cast shadows to highlight the dragonfly silhouettes. I am really pleased with how it turned out, as it was an experimental piece that I recently decided to frame. It will be flying out ready to make its gallery debut soon.