Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Butterfly Tattoos

Tattoos have become so popular now, and it is interesting to people-watch and wonder what influenced their image choice, style and placement of tattoo. Love the tattooed Victorian lady above and her butterfly tattoos, as well as the butterfly embroidery on her dress protecting her modesty. Covering herself with tattoos like that in her day and age must have been a brave and unusual thing for a woman to do, as tattoos were usually the preserve of sailors and other manly types. As I said previously, they are found nowadays on more or less everybody. Below is a picture of One Direction boy-band member Harry Styles' butterfly tattoo! 

A bold and different/arguably feminine image for a man to wear boldly across his torso, and so different to all of those graphic-tribal type efforts which are so popular among other men now. Harry seems to be making a real affirmation with this butterfly image, its' placement and size. Other examples of butterfly/dragonfly tattoo designs are below, some of which make a real statement. Think I prefer the more graphic/flatter designs, although the 3-D effect of some of them is pretty impressive.


The above tattoo is a moth by Chaim Machlev whose work I will feature in my next post. The one above that is a butterfly using a fairly new tattoo watercolour effect technique. Whilst I was finishing off this post I happened across a couple of first-hand instances of butterfly tattoos. The first example below was found on a young man who works in one of the specialist shops where I buy papers for my work. Perhaps butterfly tattoos on males are more common than I thought.

These next two examples were found on a very accommodating young lady who I bumped into in a tube station a few days later. She really loved butterflies, so I said I would feature her on my blog in exchange for letting me photograph them. 

If you have any interesting butterfly tattoos you would like to share with the readers then please feel free to submit them.