Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Chaim Machlev Geometric Tattoos


Discovered the work of this tattoo artist recently and like his vision and the end results of his work on his clients bodies. Machlev uses lines and geometric patterns to decorate the flesh of his clients instead of the traditional motifs usually associated with the tattooists art.

Chaim Machlev is from Israel originally but now considers himself a 'Berliner' having lived in Germany for so long. 

Machlev's work has a really spiritual quality to it as he employs sacred geometry and symbols of life, death and nature. There is also a precision craftsmanship in the execution of his tattoos. The graphic sharp lines and dots that make up his imagery are sharply drawn on the bodies of clients with no room for error as any mistakes would too obvious and too hard to rectify. It looks like painstaking work, which requires a steady hand, full concentration and a good eye. 


If I were to ever get a tattoo done I think I would want want something like these. I really do think he brings something new and unique to the tattooists art. See more of his work at his website here.