Tuesday, 24 March 2015

El Anatsui


On a dull, cloudy, first day of spring I ventured uptown to see this show of El Anatsui's recycled metal bottle-top cloths at the October Gallery in Holborn. It was a venue that I had not visited in years, so was not sure to expect. The October Gallery was much smaller than I remembered, but the show did not disappoint. I loved the shimmer of the metal "fabrics" as well as the patterns and colours that they contained.

I like the way that he squares the circular bottle tops and "sews" these together with copper thread to create the metallic fabrics. I am currently working with a lot of gold metallic leaf, so it will be interesting to see the work of Kenji Yoshida whose work also employs lots of gold leaf, and makes up the next October Gallery exhibition in April. I shall no doubt report back my opinions in another post when that exhibition opens next month. For now though enjoy these photos of El Anatsui's beautiful metallic fabrics.


El Anatsui
until 28th March
October Gallery
Old Gloucester Street