Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Periphery series

Periphery (Gold) received a lot of attention in the Rowley Gallery window before selling in a matter of days recently, and I have been fielding lots of enquiries about my Periphery series since. They are currently available in two sizes. The larger ones are about 1 metre in size framed, and consist of four rings of butterflies that have been gilded in either gold or silver. A version of white butterflies in this size has been requested and will also be available soon to order by commission from either myself or the galleries.

The smaller sized Periphery 's are 50cm x 50cm and consist of two rings of gilded butterflies in gold or silver. The smaller size is also available in white with three rings of butterflies.

Last but by no means least is the multi-coloured version called Continuum, which is available in the 50cm x 50cm sized frame.

All come in an ash box-frame and can be seen or commissioned from either The Rowley Gallery, Orso Major or directly from myself at