Thursday, 12 May 2016

Sensational Butterflies!

I had to go to the Rowley Gallery to drop off a commissioned piece of work, so took the opportunity on a wonderfully sunny spring day, to cycle across Hyde park and visit Sensational Butterflies - the temporary butterfly house at the Natural History Museum. The burst of irridescent colours and erratic flight of the different butterfly species inhabiting the space was a refreshing change from the usual art exhibitions and gallery shows I visit.

It was very hot and humid inside. I recommend taking a bottle of water, or drink if you intend to stay in this particular environment for a long spell. The delightful sight of the various butterflies flitting around and chasing each other however, more than made up for any discomfort.

I worried for some of the butterflies as their wings seemed to have been nibbled away. Fortunately this didn't seem to affect their ability to fly or hamper their agility in any way.

There are some beautiful plants and flowers in the environment to attract the butterflies.

The cases housing the chrysalis's and pupas are really interesting, especially those where the butterflies have just emerged. The colours are vibrant and make the pupas seem like little jewels or sculptural objects in themselves.

This feeding post laden with fresh fruit was a hive of activity, and very popular with the Morpho butterflies.

I made a friend in this Morpho who refused to leave my trouser leg despite repeated attempts to shake him off and shoo him away. This is a wonderful attraction. Do visit if you can. I left very inspired, and returned to the studio to create more of my own brand of Scissorhand butterflies.

Sensational Butterflies
until 11th September
Natural History Museum
South Kensington