Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Sokari Douglas Camp: Primavera

Made a return visit to the October Gallery to see another timely, seasonal exhibition in which flowers play a significant part - Sokari Douglas Camp: Primavera. These sculptures created from steel oil drums are an interesting fusion of Camp's Nigerian heritage and classical European imagery, and appear to celebrate re-birth and spring with an admiring nod to Renaissance artist Sandro Botticelli.

Loved these three figures which reference a William Blake engraving, and are like an African version of the Three Graces.

This large sculpture is titled - Blind Love and Grace, and celebrates love, femininity and nature. I like the different treatments that she gives to the steel - cutting thin strips to represent the hair, what looks like decorative die-cutting to the torso, and the colouring and gold leaf applied to enhance different areas of the surface.

Sokari Douglas Camp: Primavera
until 14th May 2016 
October Gallery
24 Old Gloucester Street