Thursday, 15 August 2019

Summer Pavilions

Two summer pavilions in London for 2019 at Dulwich Picture and Serpentine Galleries. This offering is The Colour Palace at Dulwich, a collaboration between architects Pricegore and designer Yinka Ilori. The construction is inspired by Sir John Soane's design for Dulwich Picture Gallery and the colours found in the markets of Lagos. The way the colours on the wooden slats shift as you move about the pavilion creates a lovely sensation. I liked that the colours on the pavilion also referenced the various beehives found dotted about the gardens. It is a great, airy design, and visitors can climb the stairs to walk around the upper passageway.

The vibrant hues of the Colour Palace also appeared to have been inspired by the vivid tones of the various beeehives dotted around the Dulwich Picture Gallery gardens.

The architectural model of The Colour Palace was spotted on a visit to The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

By way of contrast, across town at the Serpentine can be found their annual pavilion construction created this year by architect Junya Ishigami. It is a fairly low-level construction of a metal, gridded canopy with a covering of slates supported by an assortment of poles. From certain angles it looks as though a huge bird has landed in the grounds. Ishigami's work is inspired by roofs, the most common architectural feature of buildings across the globe.   

The Colour Palace
until 22nd September
Dulwich Picture Gallery
Gallery Road


Serpentine Pavilion 2019
until 6th October
Serpentine Gallery
Kensington Gardens